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To custom search just point the map at your geographic location of interest. Use the + and - to zoom in and zoom out and the arrows or grab with the hand to move the map as desired. Finally, fill in the REFINE SEARCH criteria to match your ideal home.

Three Simple Buyer Tips

  • Do Your Homework!
    Research on the Internet the homes in which you are interested. Please ask for additional information because as a Broker I understand MLS listings, have access to additional resources, and constantly monitor the current market.

  • Prepare For Your Visit!
    Inspect the home thoroughly using The 21 Point Check List. Bring a camera and take pictures so that you may remember. When you are on a visit, ask questions on the home's condition and potential problems.

  • Be Prepared!
    When you find a good home, be ready to make an offer that day. Good market priced homes sell even in a declining market. Homes that do not sell, do not sell for a reason. It is unrealistic to think that anyone can get a bargain basement price on a home that has not sold for months and months. It is best to be pre-approved so you know how much you can offer and can immediately write an offer. It is crushingly disappointing to find a home is outside your price range or that someone has purchased before you were able to make an offer. Good homes sell quickly so don't miss out.

    Becoming pre-approved lets people know that you are a serious Buyer.


Comparative Market Analysis or CMA

A Comparative Market Analysis or CMA prepared by a Realtor® presents the current Market Value of a home. This is the price that attracts the most Buyers and is the most likely to sell the home in 90 days.

A Comparative Market Analysis can be prepared for any home using the home's exact address. The CMA includes market data three active and three recently sold listings. The sole source for this and all Real Estate data is the MLS.

Seller Wisdom:
Know the True Value of Your Home

A CMA presents an unvarnished and truthful assessment of your home's Market value like it or not. CMA's giving sellers an inflated value of their home help secure listings but they do not help the sellers sell their home.

Asking a higher price for a home most often results in the home sitting on the market and losing value. For example, in 2007 a home was listed as required by the seller for their desired price of $354,000. It received an offer after several months of $315,000 which the sellers refused to accept. The property finally sold in 2011 for a net price of $285,000. The insistance on a higher sale price, cost the sellers 3 years and $25,000.
Setting a high price does not get a seller more money. In contrast offering a home at market value can cause competiton between buyers and result in multiple offers.

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